Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soaps and Aprons!

Yesterday I made 2 more batches of soap, another oatmeal and honey, and then a jasmine scented with what was supposed to be pink swirls but ended up being a light red. Interesting looking, for my first attempt not too bad. I've started using one of my first bars, just a plain soap, but I really like it! 
I also made 6 aprons yesterday! I had got some vintage fabrics over the weekend, so took all the one yard one pieces and made 1/2 aprons with them. They're all different, most have pockets, some have trim. I think they are cute, and gave one to Donna for a house warming gift. 
Today is Aunt Gloria's 81st birthday. I wish I could be with her, and wish I had something I could send her. I guess I will have to be content with sending her some pictures....
The view tonight is gorgeous! The sun has shifted south again, so that it sets directly in front (or to the side) of us. Last night it was beautiful, tonight it will be too!

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