Monday, August 24, 2009

Having my daughter back home! :)

It's been a busy weekend! Jill moved back home with us temporarily on Saturday. Yesterday we moved all her belongs up here. I love having Jill live with us! She and I get along so well, and we are a lot alike! She had a lot of stuff though, lol! More I think than even she knew! We did have help though, so that was nice. Now, we will spend the week finding a spot for things she is going to store and stripping wallpaper then painting her room. Noah and Alyssa are staying here this week too, which makes for a full house! Someday they will not be coming home to stay until I am old and decrepit and need someone to stay with me to take care of me. A sobering thought.
My view right now: Barely there brown spots on the ground cover and maple trees, getting ready for fall! 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Messing up my Template....

I wanted a new pretty background for my blog! I found one that I love, but when I applied it all of a sudden all of my posts and followers and archives and About Me were all in one column. So.... I deleted the background, but now everything is still in single column format and I don't know how to fix it!!! Help! Anyone who is reading this can chime in and help me out! I am computer literate, but this one just boggles my mind!
The view from here: watching husband outside grilling strip steaks. There are some fierce thunderclous over head, glorious and beautiful but no rain, Bonnie and Bear are patiently laying next to the grill waiting for their share! 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

On quilting....

Wow! Two posts in one day, lol!
I get such a joy out of quilting. And, every year at this time, I seem to get the urge to make more. I'm sure it has something to do with a natural instinct to prepare for winter.... of course today has been a very muggy high 80's kind of day, so at least I did refrain from actually laying any fabric in my lap, and sewing, lol!!
I did however, go through my supplies, looking at what I have and what I need. I have several quilts that I would like to finish. Two are ones that I had started about 4 years ago for my grand daughters. Because Ella was leaving for Alaska to live, I finished hers , but Emma and Isabelle's got put aside. The tops are done. Emma's has her appliques on and her name embroidered. I just have to finish them quick then they can have them. Gracie needs one now, but I have a pretty top started that I will finish for her. Jonah and Micah will have to wait until they move into their new house, then I will do something to match their room. The girls' are all soft pastels, pink and yellows, light green. For some reason, the prints remind me of being very young and staying at Uncle Merrill and Aunt Doris's camp. They are not perfect by any means, but there sure is a lot of love put into them.
I also have a patch quilt- lots of plain 4 " patches, all in browns, or tans, that I had started for the guest room bed at our old house. It is plenty big enough for any bed that I put it on now. Just need to do batting and backing. My flannel quilt I will definitely be finishing up this fall. I will need something else on my bed to snuggle under when the nights grow cold.
So now, I can plan my new quilts for this year!!! I can't wait! :)

Making my garden count!

And by that I mean, taking everything possible out of it!
Yesterday and today I made zucchini relish. Yesterday was the chopping the zukes, and red peppers and onions, and mixing them all together with salt and jalapeno peppers. Then it had to sit over night. Today I drained it all, and mixed with boiling vinegar and other good stuff. Poured it into jars, processed it and yum! I had some leftover, and I can't stop eating it! I know that I will be making another batch in the next few days. I'm also making a bean dip that I love, uses mostly canned stuff, but I will use fresh tomatos, and cilantro in it.
I love summer and the fruits of my labor!
The view for today: Hazy skies and storm clouds moving in, I am just hoping that the storms hold off until after I've had at least a few hours of sleep!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On doctor's appointments and change....

Today was my second drs. appointment out of 4 total in 2 weeks. We have always had great insurance through UPS, but due to the economy, changes are a-foot. Starting in October for the first time ever, we will have to pay a co-pay when we go to the dr. I can't complain, it's been excellent coverage for us. Husband though has decided that we need to have every visit we can between now and then! . As a result, I have seen the orthopedist for my knee- slight tear in cartilage and will now be seeing a physical therapist for 8 weeks, have seen the dermatologist- mostly age related stuff, but a spot I need to watch on my foot, may be suspicious, will see my internist for, ahem, female stuff, anticipate no problems with that, and will also see a podiatrist, for bunions that just keep getting worse. That one will be the major one- after seeing my aunt's feet a few weeks ago, I am not willing to let that go even though it entails surgery and no weight bearing, cast on for at least 6 weeks. Both feet. Different times. Sigh....

Being the daughter of a physician who felt that going to a doctor only led to more problems, I've always been reluctant to go unless I absolutely had to. However, my dad was always in perfect health. I never remember him being sick, breaking or even spraining anything, absolutely nothing at all until about 10 years ago. Then within a few years of each other he had: a major heart attack and bypass surgery, skin cancer on his face, and cataracts removed. At 77 he is wonderfully healthy and active and I only hope I can be as active as him at his age. :)

As I listened to the dermatologist today tell me: That spot is related to age, yes this one is too, those red spots- age related, oh this one is a clogged pore, also related to age, I had to laugh. I've been mostly healthy thus far, I guess the various spots and blemishes I have should be no surprise. At least I can comfort myself with the fact that for the first time ever in my life, I am putting almost 0 chemicals or foreign substances on my skin! What I see is all me! Oh, and some wonderful oils..... more on that next time! Ciao!

And, the view for today is: seeing migrant workers outside in the apple orchards pruning those apple trees, getting ready for harvest in a few weeks. It makes me sad though, to see all the little apples that fell off the trees. :( I want to go rescue them all and make them into sauce!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bring on those lazy, hazy days of summer!

Well here we are in mid August and we are finally getting summer. Aside from the fact that here on the shores of Lake Ontario, everything is a bit cooler, summer in New York this year just wasn't much to write home about.
Despite that fact though, the past couple of weeks have improved considerably. We have had plenty of green beans, zucchini and even cherry tomatoes, though most have what I call "stretch marks" from being loaded with moisture. Very sweet though! I am loaded down with basil- love it! and am planning on canning the rest of the banana peppers tomorrow. Our pumpkins have finally taken off, with the big ones just about doubling in size every day. Too bad I didn't plant any pie pumpkins. :(
Weeding the garden this morning got me thinking of all I want to grow next year: garlic and onions, more squash, more zucchini, eggplant, brussels sprouts, peppers, heirloom tomatoes, more spinach, less lettuce, arugula, parsley, oregano, and cilantro, and even though I had 6 big basil plants, I will plant more next year. After all, all my children love pesto, and I'm betting by next year, Emma, Ella, and Isabelle will be willing to try it.