Monday, August 24, 2009

Having my daughter back home! :)

It's been a busy weekend! Jill moved back home with us temporarily on Saturday. Yesterday we moved all her belongs up here. I love having Jill live with us! She and I get along so well, and we are a lot alike! She had a lot of stuff though, lol! More I think than even she knew! We did have help though, so that was nice. Now, we will spend the week finding a spot for things she is going to store and stripping wallpaper then painting her room. Noah and Alyssa are staying here this week too, which makes for a full house! Someday they will not be coming home to stay until I am old and decrepit and need someone to stay with me to take care of me. A sobering thought.
My view right now: Barely there brown spots on the ground cover and maple trees, getting ready for fall! 

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