Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On doctor's appointments and change....

Today was my second drs. appointment out of 4 total in 2 weeks. We have always had great insurance through UPS, but due to the economy, changes are a-foot. Starting in October for the first time ever, we will have to pay a co-pay when we go to the dr. I can't complain, it's been excellent coverage for us. Husband though has decided that we need to have every visit we can between now and then! . As a result, I have seen the orthopedist for my knee- slight tear in cartilage and will now be seeing a physical therapist for 8 weeks, have seen the dermatologist- mostly age related stuff, but a spot I need to watch on my foot, may be suspicious, will see my internist for, ahem, female stuff, anticipate no problems with that, and will also see a podiatrist, for bunions that just keep getting worse. That one will be the major one- after seeing my aunt's feet a few weeks ago, I am not willing to let that go even though it entails surgery and no weight bearing, cast on for at least 6 weeks. Both feet. Different times. Sigh....

Being the daughter of a physician who felt that going to a doctor only led to more problems, I've always been reluctant to go unless I absolutely had to. However, my dad was always in perfect health. I never remember him being sick, breaking or even spraining anything, absolutely nothing at all until about 10 years ago. Then within a few years of each other he had: a major heart attack and bypass surgery, skin cancer on his face, and cataracts removed. At 77 he is wonderfully healthy and active and I only hope I can be as active as him at his age. :)

As I listened to the dermatologist today tell me: That spot is related to age, yes this one is too, those red spots- age related, oh this one is a clogged pore, also related to age, I had to laugh. I've been mostly healthy thus far, I guess the various spots and blemishes I have should be no surprise. At least I can comfort myself with the fact that for the first time ever in my life, I am putting almost 0 chemicals or foreign substances on my skin! What I see is all me! Oh, and some wonderful oils..... more on that next time! Ciao!

And, the view for today is: seeing migrant workers outside in the apple orchards pruning those apple trees, getting ready for harvest in a few weeks. It makes me sad though, to see all the little apples that fell off the trees. :( I want to go rescue them all and make them into sauce!

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