Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making my garden count!

And by that I mean, taking everything possible out of it!
Yesterday and today I made zucchini relish. Yesterday was the chopping the zukes, and red peppers and onions, and mixing them all together with salt and jalapeno peppers. Then it had to sit over night. Today I drained it all, and mixed with boiling vinegar and other good stuff. Poured it into jars, processed it and yum! I had some leftover, and I can't stop eating it! I know that I will be making another batch in the next few days. I'm also making a bean dip that I love, uses mostly canned stuff, but I will use fresh tomatos, and cilantro in it.
I love summer and the fruits of my labor!
The view for today: Hazy skies and storm clouds moving in, I am just hoping that the storms hold off until after I've had at least a few hours of sleep!

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