Thursday, August 20, 2009

On quilting....

Wow! Two posts in one day, lol!
I get such a joy out of quilting. And, every year at this time, I seem to get the urge to make more. I'm sure it has something to do with a natural instinct to prepare for winter.... of course today has been a very muggy high 80's kind of day, so at least I did refrain from actually laying any fabric in my lap, and sewing, lol!!
I did however, go through my supplies, looking at what I have and what I need. I have several quilts that I would like to finish. Two are ones that I had started about 4 years ago for my grand daughters. Because Ella was leaving for Alaska to live, I finished hers , but Emma and Isabelle's got put aside. The tops are done. Emma's has her appliques on and her name embroidered. I just have to finish them quick then they can have them. Gracie needs one now, but I have a pretty top started that I will finish for her. Jonah and Micah will have to wait until they move into their new house, then I will do something to match their room. The girls' are all soft pastels, pink and yellows, light green. For some reason, the prints remind me of being very young and staying at Uncle Merrill and Aunt Doris's camp. They are not perfect by any means, but there sure is a lot of love put into them.
I also have a patch quilt- lots of plain 4 " patches, all in browns, or tans, that I had started for the guest room bed at our old house. It is plenty big enough for any bed that I put it on now. Just need to do batting and backing. My flannel quilt I will definitely be finishing up this fall. I will need something else on my bed to snuggle under when the nights grow cold.
So now, I can plan my new quilts for this year!!! I can't wait! :)

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